Upgrade priority in Clash of Clans

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There are many important points that you should understand and apply in Clash of Clans, if you want to be victorious! We are not talking here about army strenght or tactical decissions, weare talking here about resource managament and upgrade priority. Why it is important?


Clash of Clans is more resource managament game with clash of clans triche then it is strategy game! It is very bold statement, but let us examine the game a little. What is the most important element in the game? Your troops? Buildings? Short answer to this question is that you should master your resource managament,because it is vital element in the game. It is extremly important to know when to upgrade your Town Hall to next level.


At the begining of the game, you will not have such problems because it is easy to upgrade structures, you wll have enough resourcess and everything is going fast and nice. As you level in the game, this is becoming slower and slower, so it is important to concencrate on important upgrades. The crucial question is when to upgrade Town Hall? The general rule is to upgrade Town Hall when all your other structures are upgraded! That is very important to remember! Only upgrade your Town Hall in that situations, if you are about to upgrade only Town Hall withouth upgrading your other structures, it will lead to strange situation – you will have high Town Hall level, but generaly your army and troops will be weak. It is a little slower progression in the game, but on the long run it is the only vital element, as you will advance in the next level only when it is absolytelly neccesary and natural.

images(2)Upgrading Town Hall prematurely in the game will lead to constant loses,, as you will be attacked by much stronger opponents. You will need a good strategy developed in advance, so basically investing of your resourcess once again comes to first plane.When you develop good plan, it is time to take care about your army setup. We are again talking about resource managament, because it is important to know total cost of your army, not just to rush from battle to battle. Calculate total cost of your troops and calculate how much resourcess you will get. In my opinion, it is important to have cheap and effective army, and one of the best compositions is mix of Barbarians, Archers and optionally Giants. It is cheap and efective army that is perfect for farming resourcess. Just find suitable base and unleash your Barbarian hordes!

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Project Morpheus – PlayStation VR

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The explosion of virtual reality, initiated some years ago by the Oculus Rift, pushed Sony – Microsoft and recently HoLoLens – to accelerate development process of psn code generator. The Japanese automaker also seems to be the first to want to engage in this battle since they release special VR helmet, the Project Morpheus.We tested the new model, with the added bonus of new demos and a game that looks very promising: London Heist!

Project Morpheus is true virtual reality; we were still far from thinking that the industry was going to put it in practical use. Yet, it is the unanimous conclusion that we could draw at the opening of the 2015 edition of the GDC (Game Developers Conference). Microsoft announced the start of construction of HoLoLens, glasses capable of projecting holograms with which the player is able to interact. If the American manufacturer tries to stand out from the competition away a bit of virtual reality for a further augmented reality, the main idea remains the same: to allow the player to fully immerse themselves in a virtual world. Faced with this sudden emergence, Sony Computer Entertainment has decided to accelerate the movement and 2016 will be the year PS4 owners will enjoy this new VR experience. To strike a blow, the Japanese firm came up with a new prototype, with the added bonus of new demos that are already much talked about all over the community.

We find that Morpheus VR helmet comes in two separate pieces, the first being limited to the visor, while the second serves as an attachment for holding the object on the head. The assembly of these two pieces certainly increases the volume of the helmet, but it offers above all a sturdy support, but above all comfort. By adding this hoop that attaches to the player’s forehead, Sony lightens the weight of the helmet on the nose of the latter that will have even the feeling of having a screwed object on head. The choice of materials was also crucial and the Japanese manufacturer has opted for a light and flexible plastic. This value, the course is in its futuristic look and pest that gives the impression of being transported from a science fiction movie.

In fact, the cosmetic changes of the helmet are barely visible. More rounded corners in silhouette on the sides, new blue LEDs that are emerging, including one in the middle of the visor. The latter are intended to better situate the player in space thanks to the PlayStation Camera, another essential tool to interact with the virtual world.

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Beyond Eyes on Xbox

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As we know, independent developers today have as much importance in the eyes of blockbuster. At Microsoft, the @ XBOX ID program has revealed xbox live gold membership to the world a Ori and the Blind Forest, which is none other than one of the best games of 2015. This year for E3 2015 Microsoft has found his new indie gem in the person of Beyond Eyes, a game developed by Sherida Halatoe, which tells the story of a 10 years old, blind girl, which will attempt to find his lost cat, but also to discover itself.

Beyond Beyond is quite unusual and proves that the American dream is still current. Project graduation Sherida Halatoe, the game has continued to evolve over the past four years before taking the final form that was discovered during our behind closed doors at Microsoft. For before the Redmond company become interested in Beyond Eyes, Sherida Halatoe struggled, developing this little game that had not necessarily intended to become one of the spokespersons of the 2015 indie scene. After missing her crowdfunfing on Indiegogo, Sherida Halatoe was far from thinking that project was to one day become known to the public. Discouraged, she nevertheless was contacted by one of his backers at the time, one of the founding members of Team 17 studio apartments, well known for the series of Worms. The latter has offered to help develop game, but also to make it known to the world. So, our young woman propelled as Creative Director of the studio Tiger & Squid and the head of a team of 10 people, ready to work on a project. But, Team 17 was not the only actor interested in his game, as Microsoft, then joined the adventure.

The game seemed a little austere in the definition of its objectives. If it is officially recorded as the player Rae endorse the role of the blind girl, the gameplay seemed to rest on the exploration and contemplative, nothing more. Far from us to be allergic to the genre, but the actions of our girl were limited to move in a changing world. Because she lost her sight due to an accident, our young heroine can not trust hearing to perceive sounds and locate themselves in space. On screen, this translates into a setting that is emerging as and as we advance, much like the fog of war suggesting the sets in a way RTS Warcraft III, StarCraft, or Diablo. So, player to find his way and the few clues that will help trace Nani, the runaway cat. But, the outstanding feature of Beyond Eyes, is the way to deceive the player. The sound of flowing water and immediately Rae begins to dream in a waterfall or a fountain of water. Beyond Eyes is strange, unorthodox game that is bringing complete new concept of gameplay on the scene.

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New Business Instagram Paradigm

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In an industry that is constantly changing and updating, new data on trends in social media reveal actionable information that can help improve your marketing in a major way like free instagram followers. Instagram has exploded in popularity since its debut in 2010, and vendors have tried to tap into the potential that comes with widespread adoption. Keeping up with the latest research is a great way to make sure you are using the most current best practices.

Instagram may be the best platform for marketing campaign per social website Locowise media which analysis recently conducted a study of 5,600 profiles Instagram and its activity last Octobar. They found that Instagram, compared with Facebook and Twitter, is the best platform to get feedback from social media followers of one. Commitment Average per post on Instagram was 6.81%, while Facebook and Twitter were left behind significantly, with 1.25% and 5.21% respectively. The investigation revealed that tastes represent most of the participation in Instagram, and the pictures are more likely to attract the attention of video messages.

Another study by Social provider of media analysis echoed these results Quintly. This research showed that Instagram is a center of interaction – with lot commitment. While it may not seem like a lot of answers, the data show that this is almost 10 times greater than the rate of interaction of Facebook. Quintly also broke its useful results in this table, showing the number of interactions that potentially could be expected based on the number of followers you have. According to Simply Measured, mentions in Instagram captions can lead to a 76% increase in commitment. While it may seem logical to keep titles short in an application that is so dominant visual, users respond to messages that mention users. However, they will not mention all his followers to a post; Instagram accounts oversees abusing function, and deactivated if you go overboard. The best strategy is to incorporate naturally mention. For example, if you are in a conference sponsored by another company, the best practice would be dictact them and relevant speakers mentioned in a post about the event.

If you’re not including your location in your message, you must do it! The same study found that Simply Measured brands including its location can receive up to 75% more participation. Instagram Photo Maps are one of the ways users can stumble across content, so it makes sense to increase your chances to qualify for this feature. although research shows that it can be beneficial, most manufacturers have not caught this yet. Out of 9,055 accounts Instagram studied only 407 had marked its location. That is only 6.1%. And it’s so easy to do. Let’s do it.

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How to really save Coins in Fifa 16?

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If you want to have a free fifa 16 coins and good players in your team, you must buy a lot of packs and to buy them you will need a lot of coins. In this article we will explain few tips and tricks that will save few coins in your pocket. We will give you a series of tips that will help you to save both currencies early in the game and later, so you can follow these tips throughout the year.

You must prepare a part of our budget to purchase them. This is a small drag on our savings, especially early in the game. However, there is a trick to save your coins. As to begin your journey in Ultimate Team the overall level of competitiveness is not very high (especially when playing offline tournaments or divisions), you do not best players to win games. Therefore, what I propose is that you do not need to seek gold players (also known as Non Rare), just buy some for up to 350-400 coins. Try to always have at least 7 contracts. When purchasing, you will have at least seven games to play with them, and once completed, it is best to discard them, as doing so you will receive 300 coins. Thus, for a waste of 50-100 coins, you will have a minimum of seven games with that player, not having to buy contracts for the player to occupy that position. Once you discarded, if you’ve done well, you can buy one for the same price. Having several players of this style in the template will help you to save a huge amount of the game coins.

Use “Buy Now” option to buy players at a lower price. Although in this method you can find some bargains, the best is to find a lowers possible price is the option to “Buy Now”. First, try to find what is the average price for that player. The best way to use it is to search for a particular player, and assign a number to Purchase. Once this is done, if they leave many players for sale, go down gradually until they leave few cards for that player with the lowest possible price. For example, imagine that you seek Modric, and you want to Purchase for maximum value of 25,000 coins. If there are many, come down gradually up until the end will come only three letters of Modric, three at a price of 20,000 coins. If that is the case, buy him immediately.

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10 Instagram Marketing Tips

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You know that Instagram is the video and photo social network most used by the celebrities? In 2012 it becomes the property of Mark Zucchinemberg (Facebook was not enough), today has exceeded Twitter and gained 420 million active users per month via instagram followers hack for iphone: we talk about active users, people who signs up and post. Every 24 hours there are more than 70 million photos and videos on Instagram.

Today, Instagram is much improved since it was created. Instagramgot new filters (Aden, Perpetua, Cream, Slumber, Ludwig) and added new settings to correct and edit images: you can enlarge or reduce, intensify or tone down the brightness, the contrast, change saturation, giving greater sharpness and correct any shadows. Apparently, other innovations are coming: we can not wait to see them and try them …Here are some tips to make branding with this social network …
It seems obvious, but you need to do things right and using common sense, intuition, creativity. There are fine photo editing capabilities on Instagram. Are you traveling for business? Are you preparing for an important event? The keyword is “backstage” Do you remember Lino Banfi who peeped through the keyhole of Edwige Fenech? Many companies use hashtags. The advice is not to use them too much, go to the reference field. Are you a restaurant and publishing the photo of one of your dishes? Write a short sentence and then entering the city and other words like #menu #food #dinner, and so on.Place the logo as an image, your city, your website and a brief bio, otherwise how will people know if it’s worth following you or not? Create your network, follow the most followed, communities and profiles that can be useful to your business colleague. If you are a retailer, for example, follow the profiles of the brand you represent. If you want that your photo should beposted on Instagram and on your Twitter or Facebook profiles, be careful not to overlap times: do it at a time when not published for at least a couple of hours.

From Instagram settings you can add Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare and other social network sites. It is useful to gather new followers: when your fans of the other social networks will open an account in Instagram, enrollment will be notified. Do not forget to answer to questions of your followers, their comments, give them the attention they deserve. In addition, remind your fans on the other profiles that you are also on Instagram! Facebook created an image ad hoc to be published occasionally as a reminder, or create an image of the cover in which appear on all your social profiles.

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Clash of Clans: Archer Queen

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Archer Queen is one of the most powerful units in Clash of Clans, but there are some useful tips and tricks like clash of clans cheats, that you can use while playing this unit. We will just reveal some of those tips!
The Archer Queen is a powerful warrior, her weapon of choice is the crossbow, can be used to attack enemy villages or to defend your base. The Archer Queen is essentially a more powerful version of the Archers. She is invoked automatically when you build the altar. It will cost you 40,000 units of Dark Elixir. The Queen of the Archers is an immortal unit. However, she must regenerate her health sleeping for a certain period of time, before she can be used again. If you attack a village, while the Queen is at rest, the altar will be empty.

The amount of time that it takes to regenerate is proportional to the amount of health that she lost in battle. The more the Queen is damaged, the more time it will take to completely regenerate her health. The ability of the Queen “mimicry” has been enhanced: now she invokes even more Archers! Archer Queen has a better range then archer (i.e. 1.5 spaces in most of the normal 3.5 Archers). So, a good strategy is to put a group of Giants , PEKKA or Golem as shields, then release a group of archers and finally the Queen. You will have to place her in such a way as to make it stay behind the walls to gain additional protection. Supercell has released an update with which has halved the time of regeneration of the heroes.

Despite shooting three arrows at a time, she cannot attack multiple targets. This strategy minimizes the chance of being killed or even affected and may allow you to use her several times in a row, without waiting for health regeneration. Archer Queen can be placed next to the Barbarian King, or they can be spaced to cover a wider range. The appropriate placement depends on what is most suitable for your base and strategy. The Archer Queen is more suitable for the defense of the Barbarian King, as she has a longer range. She is also faster, can attack from distance, but she has lower hit points than the Barbarian King.
We are hoping that this short guide will help you to learn more about Archer Queen and to use her more efficiently in Clash of Clans! In our next guide, we will describe some Barbarian King secrets!

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